Amanda Parent, Contributor

Amanda Parent

Amanda Parent

Camper, First Aid Responder, Researcher, Author

Nieul Le Dolent, France

Amanda Parent is a writer and researcher who lives in Nieul Le Dolent, France and is passionate about camping and researching and sharing the latest tips and tools to experience the best camping adventure.

She authored the eBook ‘Attention Women Campers: What you will never be taught about camping’, available for free when subscribing to the Camping for Women community. 

She is also the author of the Camping First Aid Guide.


Contributions to the Camping for Women community:

Attention Women Campers:

What you will never be taught about camping

What you will never be taught about camping

Free ebook that comes with a blog subscription to Camping for Women

In this 20 page illustrated publication, Amanda addresses a lot of the practicalities for new campers so that you can enjoy your time away.

The information is presented completely from a woman’s perspective to assist new campers.

Only available digitally and from Camping for Women.

Click on the book cover or title above to download this free publication.


Camping First Aid Guide

Camping First Aid Guide CoverCovers preparation and treatments for all common and likely medical-related issues that could be encountered while away in nature.

Full color photos and illustrations with easy to follow directions relating to prevention, preventing further damage and treatment.

Only available digitally and at the lowest cost online, click on the title or cover to look through the detail of this essential companion to your great outdoor adventures.

Grab a copy to share with your camping family and friends.



Short Video on Amanda Parent and her efforts with Camping for Women:


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