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Allison Barfield

Writer, Hiker, Photographer, Nature Lover, Women’s Advocate

North Carolina, USA

Allison Barfield began blogging after receiving her Media Arts degree from the University of South Carolina and quickly followed the call of the mountains to Asheville, North Carolina, where she fully embraced hiking, nature, and landscape photography.

Although she didn’t exactly grow up with a focus on outdoor activities, she did spend a lot of time playing in the woods around her parents horse farm. It wasn’t until she was working with content and SEO at an online tree nursery she learned about the power of nature.

By writing about plants and learning how to care for them she gained the ability to spot different types of trees and flowers in nature and the call of the wild started to emerge. Allison answered the call by heading to Estes Park, Colorado to enjoy the Rocky Mountain National Park.

After hiking up to see amazing views at 11,000 feet, viewing the wildlife such as elk and grizzly bears, and participating in a snowball fight in July, she knew that he was ready to embark on a new journey.

That’s when she followed her heart to the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. While continuing to grow her writing career, Allison was met with a few major challenges after moving to a remote cabin in the middle of winter.

Allison Barfield 3She went from experiencing proper wifi and about half an inch of snow per year to suddenly waking up to multiple blizzards that dumped 10” or more! Allison is still acclimating and has accomplished receiving publications in reputable news sources.

Allison likes to use the creativity and passion gained from losing herself in nature towards writing compelling articles to advocate for the rights she believes in. Even though her creativity can lead to ridiculous humor and fiction sometimes.

Currently, her work for Aeroflow Breastpumps includes advocating for and helping breastfeeding women through the means of education and helpful tips, including a variety of articles on how to successfully introduce baby to the great outdoors

When Allison isn’t writing and can’t play outside, you can find her indulging in her coffee addiction as a Netflix enthusiast or totally nerding out with a video game.


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