Camping Set Up Ideas

By Shahin

For nature lovers, camping is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Camping is an exciting way to lose yourself in the lap of nature. It let you escape from the hectic and tedious day-to-day life. Do you know, there is no better feeling than staring at the stars at night? Indeed!

Moreover, it’s an excellent way to spend quality time with friends and family at the campfire. At the same time, camping requires a lot of planning and energy. True! It could be stressful until you don’t read more

Dear Natalie: Try Solo New York Backpacks

Solo New York Backpacks 3

Solo New York Backpacks Review

By Natalie McCarthy

Dear Natalie,

Any suggestions on how to best schlep my stuff around town on a regular basis?


My Back Hurts


Dear Achy Back,

I always regret the carry-on I choose when I travel. I can never seem to choose correctly. I have a tendency to pick a bag I think will be easy – “Why not just shove everything in this tote?” – and later realizing on the airplane read more

Understanding the “Open Road of Life”

Understanding the “Open Road of Life” 1

My findings on the Open Road of Life

by Meghan McHugh, under the advisement of Dr Lorie A. Tuma

Hi! My name is Meghan. I am a senior at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) and I am getting ready to graduate. Look out world, here I come! My last year at GVSU took place around the same time that our new Recreation emphasis was approved. As such, I was fortunate enough to take a few classes in recreation and learn more about the industry’s contributions and challenges. I also had time to focus on read more

Review of Moon USA National Parks

Moon USA National Parks

By Jessica Shouse

The Complete Guide to All 59 Parks

America’s National Park System is made up of 59 unique parks across the country. Whether you’re searching for extreme adventure, seeking peaceful solitude or planning a family vacation, the National Park System has something for everyone. It most certainly can be overwhelming to choose what park to visit, when to visit, and what not to miss during a visit.

There are 1000’s of guide books out there to assist you in planning your trip to any of read more

Dear Natalie Try the P-Rite

P-Rite 3

By Natalie McCarthy


Dear Natalie,

I am a bit uncomfortable taking a wee outdoors. Is there any hope for it ever getting easier?


Wobbly whizzer


Dear WW,

There are people whose physical constitution enables them to side-step many uncomfortable bathroom situations. These people do not know the panic of opening their floodgates, only to realize they’re squatting over a clump of poison read more

6 Trekking Pole Uses

6 Trekking Pole Uses 4

6 Trekking Pole Uses – of the non-traditional kind.

By Kristi Westberg

I’ll be very honest. It took me quite a while to admit I needed a set of trekking poles.

I used to feel like trekking poles were a sign of weakness, an extra couple of things to carry, and unnecessary to my kind of hiking. BUT the truth is whenever I came to a river crossing or was faced with a steep set of rocks I would often borrow someone else’s poles for extra support and balance.

Several years of this led me read more

Portable Power While in Outdoor Adventure

Why Having Portable Power While in Outdoor Adventure is Important

By Mia Clarke

Gone are days when camping was a way of getting away from daily life trappings. Nowadays you have to keep yourself updated no matter where you are. For you to keep being informed on regular events you need electronic devices such as smartphones. And for these gadgets to keep you posted, they must be fully charged. Therefore it’s indisputable on your camping adventure you need portable power.

What are the benefits read more

Breast Pumping While Camping

Breast Pumping While Camping 1

Breast Pumping While Camping – things you need to know.

By Allison Barfield

Breast milk waits for no one. If you miss your scheduled pumping time you could face painful situations such as engorgement due to a blocked duct. Plus, it could weaken your milk flow. That means that missing a pumping break is not a good option.

It’s always best to maintain your schedule, so as an active Mama who loves the outdoors, this could cause you to face the challenge of breast pumping while camping.

Breast Pumping While Camping

Before read more

Journey Driven tracker and journal

Journey Driven 1

Journey Driven tracker and journal for solo female travellers

By Erica Angel

Two years ago, shortly after my 21st birthday, I took a leap into something I would consider the single most frightening, exciting, liberating decision of my life so far, as I embarked on my first solo adventure to South East Asia.

Although my parents were initially shocked by the decision, they seemed genuinely excited and were overwhelmingly supportive throughout the entire process. Only thing was, I felt guilty from start read more

Dear Natalie: Try Outxe’s Cooler Backpack

cooler backpack 4

By Natalie McCarthy

Dear Natalie,

I can’t stand coolers. They’re difficult to lug to campsites, and even walking from the parking lot to the picnic spot is a hassle. They’re inevitably always red or blue, with a flimsy plastic handle, and the lids often get stuck. I have about three gathering dust in my pantry right now. With so much technological innovation in other fields, why has the cooler industry lagged behind? Do we have any other options?


Coolers aren’t cool

read more

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