New Camping First Aid Guide Available Now

Camping for Women has just released a brand new publication: The Camping First Aid Guide.

Camping First Aid Guide CoverThe Camping First Aid Guide is an exciting new resource that women outdoor adventurers, in particular, have stated was needed to address all the emergency and health issues that can often arise while out enjoying nature.

Written by French camper and experienced outdoors woman, Amanda Parent, the guide has been specifically designed and developed to suit all outdoor environments and activities.

These activities include things such as camping, caravanning, hiking, trekking, campfire cooking, canyoning, rock climbing, mountaineering, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and water sports.

first aid word button on screen. medical conceptThe Camping First Aid Guide covers all aspects of health and life-saving treatments for the most common occurrences that are faced by people in the wilderness.

These situations are considered for circumstances where people are located far away from emergency responders and therefore must rely on their own knowledge and resources to survive while not making matters worse.

This indispensable companion is a must-have for anyone who is serious about ensuring the safety and health of themselves and their family and friends they camp and explore nature with.

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