Awesome Group Games to do when Camping

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By Iris West

Sure, camping can be fun in its own right; wandering out into the great outdoors offers that magical touch with nature. You can take in that fresh, alpine air far away from your demanding job and life. But, with group camping games, you can take that outdoor experience to a whole new and scintillating level. And, these group games are sure to allow you to have the time of your lifetime. Of course, the essence of every camp is to have fun. A lot of fun, for that matter. So, forget about your adult responsibilities and mingle with your friends, family, colleagues, and nature like never before.


The “Hot Seat”

group games 2The Hot seat is one of the most exhilarating group camping games that will certainly knock your socks off. One person will act as the “hot seat”, implying that she will have a piece of paper (with a word written on it) on her forehead. The person will tend to ask various questions while the rest of the group respond with Yes, No or Maybe. This continues until the “hot seat” get the word right. Even better, a timer can be used to make the game a bit more competitive. A consequence is due if she doesn’t get the correct answer within the set time.



“A Lie and Two Truths”

group games 3Two truths and a lie is a game that has been known to take women camping by storm. And for good reason. It’s a multiplayer game that is ideal for group camping. All you need is papers and pen – the rest will pan out without any hassle. Here’s the deal: if you want to know all those little secrets about your camping mates, this game is the bomb. Actually, the game works like a charm if you know the players pretty well.

So, here’s how it is played: the camp-mates take turns revealing three facts about themselves. Of the three, two are truths and one is a lie. Other players will guess which revelation is a lie.


Famous People

group games 4Well, everyone could use another dose of celebrity gossip and their A-lister lifestyles. If that sounds like your cup of tea, this group game can play out well before a campfire – especially when you are sitting in a circle. One person comes up with the name of a celebrity or famous personality. Then, the person to her left has to think of somebody with a given name starting with the first letter of the famous characters’ surname. If the individual fails to think of a single name, her turn is forfeited.



group games 5The age-old game of Scrabble has never lost its lustre and will make for a good group camping game. As expected, Scrabble is a multiplayer game that is as captivating as it’s educational. Remember camping group games are meant to be fun. So, make your Scrabble game fun by adding a little flair of jokes and other anecdotes.


Card Game: Uno

Uno is a fantastic card game that is not only time-based but also always scintillating. The good news is that either children or adults can play Uno. In a word, timeless.

More often than not, Uno is one of those campers’ must-play group games for ultimate fun. For newbies and rookies, the rules are pretty straightforward and easy to learn.

The goal of the game is to eliminate your entire hand by playing one card each time matching it by number or color to the very last card played.


Who am I?

This is yet another of the age-old campfire group games that you will get a kick out of. Sometimes referred to as 20 questions, the rules are pretty much like those of the “famous people,” but funnier and more robust.


Fruit Roll

This game is exactly what it sounds; it’s a game where campers try to eat a fruit roll. The essence of the match is to see who the fastest fruit roll eater is. There is a trick: it’s a hands-free game!


Beersbee – one of the best group games

In principle, Beersbee is a fusion of horseshoes and Frisbee golf. It has grown increased traction with travellers and campers because it’s somewhat familiar but fresh and quite fun. It encompasses two empty beer bottles, two poles, and a Frisbee (the right kind).

You need to hammer a small platform made of poles into the ground (a bit of manual work, but that is all the heavy lifting you will do).

The two poles should be about 40ft apart with a bottle on top of each. A camper will stand just behind the other pole and try to hit the bottle off the pole using the Frisbee. There’s more. The opposing players, on their part, will try to catch the bottle or Frisbee before either reaches the ground. Quite fun, right? Each team will be scored based on the number of beer bottles knocked or caught respectively.

You can check out more about the game of Beersbee on their official website.

There you are – several group games that great for camping and poised to make your experience in the outdoors much more exciting.

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She spends most her holiday time travelling and exploring different geographic regions for social pleasure, nature experiences and for educative purposes, including spending some weeks each year at Kenya’s North parts of Rift Valley, Turkana.

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