Survival Preparation Tips for Wilderness Camping

Wilderness Camping 1

By Stephanie McHugh

Wilderness camping is the ultimate unplugged-in-nature experience. There is physical challenge involved because all of your needs are carried on your back. Being imbedded in nature is best enjoyed when you have essentials for survival. Many of the tips and tricks of a successful wilderness camping trip are learned by experience.

Preparation for wilderness camping

In addition to packing the right things for a wilderness camping hike, some steps in preparation are a bit more involved. The number one tip is to break read more

Common First Aid Treatments Needed by Hikers

First aid treatments 5

By Stephanie McHugh

Hiking is a robust activity that frequently results in injuries. A wide range of injuries are common among hikers. Anyone going on a lengthy hike could benefit from packing basic first aid supplies for the journey. Carry your first aid hiking equipment in a clear plastic bag, to minimize the added weight.

By keeping a handy first aid kit packed and ready to go on your hiking excursions, you don’t have to worry about forgetting something important that could lead to a painful read more

Poisonous Plants to Beware of on Hikes

Beware poisonous plants while hiking

By Stephanie McHugh

You may think that having proper hydration, broken-in hiking boots, some nature, and perhaps bug repellant is all a hiker really needs. But an encounter with one of many poisonous plants is all it may take to learn how things really are. Some knowledge about poisonous plant life is important when hiking in untamed areas. Without such information, hikers can suffer such misery as eye and skin irritation, extreme fatigue, and nausea experienced as a result of a brush against the read more

Essential Camping Clothes for the Seasons

Essential Camping Clothes

Camping clothes and achieving a good balance

By Stephanie McHugh

Camping clothes and different perspectives

Women are usually in three basic camps when it comes to the way they look on outdoor excursions.

Many favor throwing fashion out the window and dressing in their favourite sweatshirt or whatever is most comfortable.

Serious campers focus on function, to be sure their camping clothes perfectly accommodate their adventure.

Then there are the campers who also happen to be lovers of fashion. Why should nature be the only thing worth gawking read more

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