Spouti Launch for Outdoorsy Women

Spouti launch

Spouti Launch heralds Revolutionary STP Device

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by Kellen Berry, Founder of Spouti

A familiar problem

Since all of you here are involved in outdoor activities, you don’t need me to tell you that finding a restroom when you have to go is not always easy out in the woods. For sure, you can try and find a rock, or a bush, or a really wide tree and then you hope no one comes by while you drop your drawers, balance yourself for a squat that, hopefully, aims everything far enough read more

Australian Camping Tips and Tricks: Save time and Hassle

Australian Camping Tips 1

Check out these Australian camping tips and tricks for all keen explorers!

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We love camping! But it’s definitely one of those learn-by-experience types of holidays. However, it’s not about how much you spend or the latest and greatest camper or gadgets. In fact, for beginners, we recommend considering campervan rental in Australia before you commit to any major purchases. You might read more

Health and Safety Tips for Camping With Your Dogs

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Summertime is an excellent excuse to go on a camping trip and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. If you have a pet dog, taking him on a camping trip can also be a way to spend some quality time together, and ensure that he enjoys the adventure, too. Dogs make great camping companions, but it can help to know how to keep your dog healthy and happy on a camping trip. That way, you can ensure everyone avoids any health or safety hazards and has an excellent excursion.

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What If You Lose Communication

lose communication 1

What to do if you lose communication while camping?

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For many of us, there is nothing like going into the great outdoors to get away from the stress and strife of modern-day life. Unfortunately, however, while being out in the wilderness is great to unwind, it’s still nice to have some connection to the outside world, which is why we also bring our phones with us. However, trying to get reception can be a huge pain, and if you ever lose your device while out in the woods, it can read more

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