Natural Bridge Campground in Oregon

Natural Bridge Campground 1

Three ways to enjoy Natural Bridge Campground in Oregon

By Rita Myers

I think there’s something extremely magical about the world around us that it never seems to run out of beautiful places to see or exciting things to do. Just when you think you’ve “seen it all,” a new thing comes along to surprise you.

That’s how I felt when my family and I first set foot in Natural Bridge Campground in Oregon.

Oregon is filled with an incredible landscape of mountains, lush forests, extensive farms, read more

7 Surprising Benefits Of Camping

7 surprising benefits of camping 1

Let’s discover 7 Surprising Benefits Of Camping…

By Rita Myers

Camping trips are a great activity for both family and friends. Often it’s what we do when we feel like we need to “take a break” or “get away from it all.”

Personally I sometimes plan sudden camping trips when I feel like my family and I are overworked or stressed from our daily life. And the results are wondrous! We usually come back home refreshed and recharged.

From personal experience as well as a bit of reading, read more

Try These 7 Quick Camping Drinks

Camping Drinks

7 Quick Camping Drinks To Make For Your Daring Companions…

By Rita Myers

Even if you’re going to give me all the luxuries in the world, nothing beats the great outdoors. After a long hectic week, I always try my best to bring my two sons and husband for a camping trip.

Sometimes they show up, often they’re unavailable. But I make sure to treasure my moments with them and make it as memorable as I can with camping drinks.

As fellow outdoorsmen – and women – I want you to experience the read more

Ways to Go Camping with Baby

Camping with Baby 1

6 Safe and Super Fun Ways to Go Camping with Baby

By Rita Myers

I’ve enjoyed camping since I was little, and it’s probably one of the few activities that have remained constant in my life, from childhood through adulthood. And now that I have a family of my own, I especially enjoy being able to go camping with all the members of our little household.

Yes, that means I regularly go camping with baby in tow. I’ve realized that a lot of people don’t think it’s possible to do so – it’s read more

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