KM 82: A documentary on the porter voices of Peru’s Camino Inca

porter voices of Peru’s Camino Inca

By Marinel de Jesus

The Classic Inca Trail in Peru has been in operations for over 50 years. Machu Picchu is one of the 7 wonders of the world. But many tourists don’t know about the inequities that porters faced on the Inca Trail. The Porter Voice Collective (PVC), a global advocacy platform that was launched in July of 2019, conducted an independent investigation into the porter conditions on the Inca Trail by way of interviewing porters in Cusco, Peru. PVC also simultaneously read more

8 Ways to Mentally Prepare for a Solo Adventure

Mentally prepare 6

By Marinel de Jesus

Being a solo traveller, and even more so, a solo hiker or backpacker can be an intimidating endeavor to undertake. I cannot emphasize enough the need to be comfortable when partaking in anything serious such as hiking or backpacking in the wilderness by yourself. The same goes for travelling as it’s just not worth it to feel overwhelmingly anxious to the extent that it outweighs the joy of travelling or trekking solo. The key is being able to mentally prepare.

I, too, have read more

Solo Trekking in Zhangjiajie Mountains of China

Zhangjiajie 1

Overcoming Fear as a Solo Trekker in Zhangjiajie Mountains of China

By Marinel de Jesus

My very first entry to China was through the Hunan Province in 2014. As it turns out it, if you’re new to China, Hunan will shock you because it is far from the notion of a foreigner mecca in terms of tourism. In fact, the entire time I was in this part of China, I only saw one Western foreigner – a European who was studying the language and therefore able to move around the country with ease. He read more

Film Project: Don’t Date A Girl Who Treks

Marinel de Jesus 1

By Marinel de Jesus

Editor note: Click here if you haven’t yet read the original post ‘Don’t Date A Girl Who Treks’.

And now to announce a very exciting film project to promote women who love the great outdoors, Marinel shares this exciting development in her own words…


A few months ago, I attended an outdoor film festival in Washington, DC that focused on the adventure films that were produced by artists from all over the world. The work presented was certainly read more

Don’t date a girl who treks

Dont Date a Girl Who Treks

By Marinel de Jesus

She’s the girl with the uneven tanned body

Scorched skin from the rays of the sun from trekking the high passes.

She’s the girl with the high cut boots

And a pair of trekking poles that she depends her life on

She’s the girl who catches the sunrise and sunset

For either of them will suit her just fine.


Don’t date a girl who treks

For this means you wake up at some ungodly hour

and race your feet to the tops of the mountains.

God read more

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