Best Winter Hiking Trails in Southern Utah

10 Best Winter Hiking Trails in Southern Utah 1

By Janiel Green

10 Best Winter Hiking Trails in Southern Utah

We have all felt the Winter chill, and some of us even the winter blues. Why not get outside and explore what your favorite trails are like in the winter time? Winter gear is readily available, and snowshoes are cheaper than ever. Here are a few of my favorite trails in Southern Utah. Depending on the year, it may look deceivingly like Springtime.

  1. Corona Arch Trail in Moab

Any trails read more

The Lean-to Virgin, A Comical Journey

lean-to 1

By Janiel Green

My first backpacking trip turned out to be an utter disaster. The trip consisted of a backpacking, snow-shoeing trip up the mountaineering route at Mount Whitney in California. I labelled myself as a failure and the weak link in the party of 3 who attempted the trip. Granted it was my first time backpacking and had not been prepared for the struggles that were endured.

My trip started to unravel when I realized I had inadvertently grabbed the wrong sleeping bag for the November camping read more

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