Prevent baby overheating when camping

Prevent baby overheating when camping 1

Prevent baby overheating when camping

By Allison Barfield

Finally, you’ve found an awesome weekend to take your family camping. You won’t have to worry about keeping your baby warm because the sun is out and shining to heat everything up. But keep in mind, that even with mild heat during the spring and summer your baby could get too hot.

Now, this isn’t meant to raise an alarm and you don’t have to wait until your baby is older to go camping. Just pay a little extra attention to your child read more

Winter Camping With Baby

Winter Camping With Baby 1

By Allison Barfield

Baby, it’s cold outside. So, that means it’s time to cozy up inside right? Well if you would like to, that’s fine. However, just because it’s winter and your baby IS, in fact, a baby, doesn’t mean you have to. You can take your bundle of joy camping in the colder months. While taking your baby into the wilderness may seem like an intimidating idea, by taking a few simple steps to properly prepare, your whole family can enjoy winter camping.

Keeping Baby Warm

We will start by knocking read more

Breast Pumping While Camping

Breast Pumping While Camping 1

Breast Pumping While Camping – things you need to know.

By Allison Barfield

Breast milk waits for no one. If you miss your scheduled pumping time you could face painful situations such as engorgement due to a blocked duct. Plus, it could weaken your milk flow. That means that missing a pumping break is not a good option.

It’s always best to maintain your schedule, so as an active Mama who loves the outdoors, this could cause you to face the challenge of breast pumping while camping.

Breast Pumping While Camping

Before read more

Baby’s First Camping Trip

Babys first camping trip 1

Baby’s First Camping Trip – tips on how to prepare.

By Allison Barfield

You’re taking your baby camping? Are you crazy?! Nope, you’re being a great mom! Babies are very good campers and are ready to take to the woods as soon as you far. In fact, the sooner you introduce them to the benefits of the great outdoors, the better.

However, camping with your baby brings on a whole new set of experiences. It may take a few trips before you master the art of relaxing with your happy little camper, read more

Breast Pumping in Nature Without Baby

Breast Pumping in Nature Without Baby 1

By Allison Barfield

As a mountain guide, park ranger, or avid hiker that’s also a mom you may face the challenge of needing to breast pump on the trail to continue breastfeeding while avoiding painful issues such as engorgement, blocked ducts, or embarrassing leaks.

At first, the idea of having your breast pump out in nature may seem incredibly inconvenient. It’s an extra piece of equipment to place in your pack, not to mention actually having to pump without much privacy. But don’t let this read more

Baby is ready for Camping, are you?

Babys first camping trip 2

By Allison Barfield

Now that baby is finally here and you’re enjoying your maternity/paternity leave, you might be hearing the call of the wild with twinges to return to the woods. As an avid hiker or camper, you probably want to bring your baby out the trails with you to benefit from all the wonder that nature has to provide.

However, sometimes the call of the wild can be silenced with the incredibly common concern of age. Many parents worry that their infant is too young to go camping while read more

HIKE IT BABY! Reasons To Get Your Baby Outside

Hike it Baby 1

By Allison Barfield

Shanti Hodges has been an inspiration to thousands across the United States, and it started with her wanting friends in a new city! She invited three new friends on a hike with her newborn and their children. By the end of the month, the group grew to nearly 20 people. She saw the group growing rapidly and decided to do something about it. Hodges had witnessed groups such as these fall apart after a few months and wanted to make sure this would never read more

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