Our Strategic Direction


Our Vision

A world where nature is valued and protected, yet accessible for all women to embrace in a safe and supportive way with those they cherish.


Our Mission

To empower and support women globally by providing an effective platform for information, resources and interaction aimed at maximizing enjoyment and benefit from the great outdoors on their terms.


Our Values

Mutual respect for each other and the planet for long-term benefit and sustainability.


  • To recognize, focus, encourage and leverage of women’s strengths as individuals, supporting and encouraging a culture of self-worth and achievement.
  • Foster an environment of continual learning, sharing and innovation to provide better experiences and solutions and inspiration for future generations.
  • Encourage, support and learn from each other and advocate for a better world for all.
  • Build on our successes, encouraging confidence and leadership to benefit women everywhere to grow from our connection with nature.

As an organization, we remain apolitical and inclusive of all races, cultures, religions and beliefs.


Service delivery:

Our mission will be supported by a range of services including:

  • Free publication and subscription to timely and specific articles providing information on outdoor knowledge and experiences globally.
  • Access to free safety and time-saving resources aimed at enhancing time spent in the great outdoors.
  • Publishing reviews of relevant equipment and gear tried and tested in various conditions to suit the woman outdoor adventurer.
  • Provide a platform for women to share their outdoor knowledge and experiences to benefit others.
  • Provide a platform for outdoor industry companies to showcase and advertise their products and services to our subscribers and readership.
  • To seek out and promote subscriber and readership discounts on outdoor-related gear, accessories and travel/experiential deals where ever possible.
  • Give recognition to women who provide information and value to the readership through multiple occasions, sharing their knowledge, experiences and leadership.
  • Compile specialist publications over time utilizing the growing bank of articles and resources specifically created for women in the great outdoors.
  • Enhance our capability to provide greater value via increasing our revenue through partnerships, affiliate marketing, sponsored initiatives and media-related opportunities.
  • Grow our subscriber and readership base through a number of social media and related platforms and strategies.


We will continually revisit and update our strategic direction and action plans based on the wants, needs and desires of our subscribers, readership and the changing conditions of the broader outdoor industry.


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