Do you have a product or service you would like our readers and subscribers to know about?

The team at Camping for Women are always keen to assist in showcasing products and/or services if we think it offers value to our subscribers and broader readership.

Here are a few ways we can facilitate awareness of your brand and showcase what you have to offer.


Sponsored articles/posts

If you have some product, service or a story of genuine interest to our audience of outdoor women adventurers, you may want to sponsor a post. Include all the facets, aspects or details of what you offer that would be of relevance and then respond to reader comments to stimulate greater interest and interaction.


Reader incentives

You can offer samples, a contest with a prize or reader discounts for something that our readers would really enjoy and tell people about.


Published reviews

One of our reviewers would write an honest review of your product or service, from the perspective of outdoor women adventurers.



We can also offer banners/links on at the bottom of the site or in the right side column that would be seen by any visitor to Camping for Women.


Social Media

Your message could be sent via our social media channels on Facebook and Twitter if appropriate.


Combine the options

Any individual or combination of the above promotional avenues is available for suppliers in the outdoor recreation industry. Talk to us today about how we can work together to benefit your brand and our readers.


Simply email Nicole Anderson directly ([email protected]) and outline what you would like to achieve for your products and/or services.


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