Awards and Recognition

Camping for Women has received a number of external awards and recognition since it first launched in May 2015.

Many of these awards and honorary mentions have been shared with our subscribers, readers and partners.

Over the past few years, these have included the following:



RV Reviews Top Camping Blogs


In the course of conducting their reviews, RV Reviews has named a list of what they have determined to be the best camping blogs.

You are able to go and check out their list and browse some or all of the blogs.

Check out their comments on each one, including Camping for Women.




Expertido Best Camping Blog list

Best Camping BlogIn determining their Best Camping Blog list of 50, the editorial staff at Expertido considered different factors seen as important for readers.

Among the main factors assessed for the Best Camping Blog list were:

  • Consumer data protection
  • Intuitive interface
  • Straightforward to use and read, no errors
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Social media appearances


TrailHeads Best Outdoor Blogs and Websites

TrailHeads Best Outdoor BlogsThis top 60 list has a variety of blog and website categories and includes some sites with very useful information for those who love adventure. The categories include:

  • Best General Outdoor Blogs
  • Best Running Blogs
  • Best Hiking Blogs
  • Best Camping Blogs
  • Best Cycling Blogs
  • Best Skiing and Snowboarding Blogs


Imzi’s Nomads Awards 2019

Moroccan Recognition of Camping for Women 1Moroccan Recognition of Camping for Women by Imzi’s Nomads – A Northern African Tour Company and Travel Agency naming Camping for Women within its list of winners for their 2019 award.

This is the first formal award and recognition of Camping for Women on the African Continent, where the great outdoors has so much natural beauty and is growing in popularity.




CAMPs Best Blog Awards 2018

CAMPs Best Blog Awards 2018 1CAMP – the Caravan and Motorhome Parts website, based in the United Kingdom, has announced their top 25 blogs for 2018.

CAMP has published it’s ‘25 Best Caravan Blogs & News Sources You Need to Follow Right Now’ on their website and everyone involved at Camping for Women is really pleased to be included in their list at #6.



Winfields Best Outdoor, Walking, Hiking and Camping Bloggers for 2018

Winfields Best Outdoor, Walking, Hiking and Camping Bloggers for 2018Winfields Outdoors has released its best blogs for 2018 and what a fantastic resource this is for anyone who loves spending time in the great outdoors.

In all, Winfields Outdoors has recognized 136 blogs from around the world including Camping for Women who was listed as 1 out of their 7 top camping blogs.

Within the announcement of their 2018 best bloggers, Winfields has included a brief description and links to every one of the 136 blogs included so readers can easily check out all the outdoor blogs shown under each category.

Awards and Recognition 4

Family Tent Expert Award 2018

Here Family Tent Expert list their 30 of the best outdoor and camping blogs to follow this year, in no particular order.






Awards and recognition 5

As awarded by Easy Planet Travel

To recognise talented Travel Bloggers with innovative, quality content.

Camping for Women was listed at #19 with the following text: “The global resource for outdoor women adventurers“— Nicole provides articles on all aspects of what it takes to maximize the benefits of being outdoors in addition to information specifically focusing on travel and unique experiences across the globe.




Awards and Recognition 6

The Liebster Award

For anyone who doesn’t know what the Liebster Award actually is, it is a virtual award that is passed on from blogger to blogger as a show of support, and it also helps to promote any fellow bloggers that many enjoy reading.




Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

So what is the Versatile Blogger Award?

Versatile Blogger Award 1It is a peer award where bloggers nominate other bloggers who they believe deserve some recognition for their high-quality standard of writing, images, the uniqueness of the bloggers content, passion and love displayed throughout the website.

In this case, Camping for Women was recognized for all its efforts made to benefit our subscribers and readership. We especially want to make mention of all our wonderful contributors who provide so much value and are passionate in their love of the outdoors.




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