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Lucy Gomez

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Lucy Gomez is a camp editor at She has been camping her entire life and is a place where campers can share everything we’ve learned along the (sometimes prickly) way in the wilderness.


Published Contributions to Camping for Women:

Packing for Camp and the Outdoors

packing for camp 1Packing for camp should be thought about carefully.  Planning for a camping trip can be hard work, as camping requires a lot of gear to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Your list should obviously start with the basic necessities, that being food, water, and warm clothes, among a lot of other things, but there are also quite a few more items that you may not realize you are going to need.


10 Common Camping Mistakes to Avoid

Common Camping Mistakes

Have you found yourself making some of these common camping mistakes?

Discover what they are so you can avoid them and have better camping experiences.



Where Should You Pitch Your Tent?

Pitch 1

Is where to pitch a tent that straight-forward? What things should you consider? Lucy Gomez shares her views on how to best go about this for a great camp.




Explore the Magical Desert of Joshua Tree, California, USA

Joshua Tree

The Joshua Tree Park is considered as a magical and massive desert land, which is about 790,000 square acres.

And speaking about the desert, here you need to know that there is absolutely no electricity, no lights, no food service and mobile receptions.




How To Start Backpacking and Be Fearless in the Wilderness

backpacking 1What are some main basic tips for getting out there with your backpack to explore the wonderful wilderness?

There are a number of things to consider.

Check out this article to get started.




Glamping Southern California Destinations

Glamping Southern California 5If you happen to be in, or passing through the area and want to enjoy nature with some luxury, then glamping Southern California is definitely the way to go.

Check out these 5 different options.


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