Camping and Hiking on your Period

Period 1

By Oceana Setaysha

Don’t let your period slow you down!

If you’re an active, outdoorsy type, there’s nothing more annoying than trying to schedule your hiking and camping around your period. It always seems to arrive at the least opportune time, and nobody wants to miss out on their fix of outdoor adventures.

But who says you have to miss anything?

It’s actually totally possible to both camp and hike while you’re on your period, and there’s no reason to cancel or reschedule a trip just because you happen to be on ‘shark week’. Here are some simple tips for dealing with your period on an outdoors trip.

Choose An Appropriate Sanitary Option

Period 2The first thing you need to do is choose a sanitary option that is going to work for you. Now you pretty much have three choices: pads, tampons and menstrual cups. The one that you use is going to be dependent on your personal preference above all, but it’s also important to consider how long your trip is. When we’re thinking about tampons and pads they obviously create waste when they are changed that cannot be burned or buried so it needs to be carried with you, which might not be appropriate for a longer trip. On the other hand a menstrual cup is reusable and simply needs to be cleaned, but in wild areas with lots of animal activity you will need to bury your period blood away from your camp and at depth.

Bring Lots Of Unscented Wet Wipes

Period 3If you’re hiking and camping in an area where there isn’t a lot of water it makes sense to take unscented wet wipes. You want to be able to stay hygienic during your trip, and these are a great way to do this. Despite some wet wipe companies advertising that they are biodegradable, many are not and should not be disposed of outdoors. Unless you can find a reputable, natural material based wet wipe you will also need to carry that waste with you. Alternatively you could take a cloth that could be used to clean yourself at the end of the day, and then rinsed and dried for use again the next day.

Take Ziploc Bags For Waste

period 4It’s not pretty to think about but the pads, tampons and wet wipes that you’re taking with you need to be disposed of. In most places that don’t provide rubbish disposal along the trail or in camping spots, you’ll need to carry them yourself. Obviously these items will start to smell very quickly, so a smart idea would be to take a number of Ziploc bags. Small Ziploc bags are great for each item of waste (i.e. one tampon or pad) but you should also bring a larger bag to contain these smaller bags. Remember to pack the waste in tightly, and squeeze the air out, so that you aren’t loosing too much space.

Pack Carefully

When you need to carry extra items like pads, tampons and wet wipes you may need to sacrifice space in your pack, particularly for extended hikes. Take some time in your trip preparation to really think about what is going into you pack to make sure you aren’t overburdening yourself. Consider whether you can cut out some of the larger clothing items you’re bringing and wash overnight, or other space saving ideas. Remember that as well as the menstrual items, you’ll need to leave enough space for your waste bag which, on a longer trip, can get big very quickly.

Consider Your Privacy

period 5One thing that you might need to think about, particularly if you’re hiking with others, is your own privacy when hiking and camping on your period. Although there’s a lot to like about sleeping with nothing more than a mosquito fly or a hammock, you’ll be grateful for your own privacy if you’re on a trip during your period. Remember, you’ll want some space to organise your trash bag, clean yourself up, and change your sanitary items in peace.

Bring Extra Underpants

The one thing that you shouldn’t be worried about bringing too many of is underpants. If you happen to dirty your underpants you want to change them as quickly as possible to avoid smell, insect activity and infection. You may not end up using your spare underwear, but it’s still a great idea to have it and it’s absolutely worth packing even just for a shorter trip.

Extended Hiking Options

If you’re planning on taking an extended trip, and by extended we mean several months of hiking and camping, perhaps in the pursuit of one of the many stunning monster trails the world over, you may need to think beyond your monthly period. You can choose to go on birth control, which can be used to artificially avoid periods. Some birth control options like the pill can be a lot to carry, but others like the implant or injections, can be taken care of before you leave and will halt your period.

period 6

Packing for Camp and the Outdoors

packing for camp 1

By Lucy Gomez

Packing for camp should be thought about carefully.  Planning for a camping trip can be hard work, as camping requires a lot of gear to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Your list should obviously start with the basic necessities, that being food, water, and warm clothes, among a lot of other things, but there are also quite a few more items that you may not realize you are going to need.

What Do I Need With Camping?

Depending on the type of camping trip you are planning to have, there are multiple different categories of items, supplies, and other miscellaneous items that are going to be necessary for your trip.

Shelter Items

packing for camp 2For starters, you are going to need shelter items, unless you have a cabin that you will be staying in. You will need a tent, stakes and a few extra, a dust brush and pan, ground tarp or cloth, a small mat for the entrance, a hammer or an ax for the stakes, and rope, poles, and a shade tarp.

Bedding Items

packing for camp 3If you are bringing your own tent, then you will most definitely need bedding to sleep on. Also, if you are bringing an air mattress or a cot with you, you’re going to need a sleeping pad, pillow, sheets, blankets, an air pump, and a repair kit, just in case any damage occurs while camping. However, if you are just bringing a sleeping bag, then all you will need is a pillow, an extra blanket, and a sleeping pad. A utility bag is also a good item to bring, as well.

Cooking Supplies

packing for camp 4Just bringing food items is not enough, especially if you are going with a larger group of people:

  • Water bucket and a large jug
  • Ice and a cooler
  • Thermos, you may need more than one depending on how large your group is
  • Lighter or a box of matches
  • Buddy burner, firewood, or charcoal
  • BBQ grill or a campfire grill, which will be something similar to an oven rack
  • Newspaper or any other fire starter
  • Clips, thumb tacks, and tablecloth, if there are picnic benches where you are camping, or if you are bringing your own table
  • Measuring cups
  • Aluminum foil, heavy-duty
  • Paper plates and bowls with plastic cutlery
  • Paper towels
  • Trash bags for cleanup
  • Potholders and oven mitts
  • Frying pans and pots with their lids
  • Skewers, grill forks, tongs, can opener, bottle opener, and any other utensils you may need that are not cutlery
  • Tupperware or containers for storage of food
  • Brillo, scrub pad, sponge
  • Dish towels and rags

Hygienic/Personal Items

packing for camp 6For the next checklist, you are going to need all of your hygiene and personal items, which is an especially important essential when going camping. You will need washcloths, towels, shampoo, conditioner, soap, feminine hygiene products, toilet paper, a portable camping shower or pump shower if you do not have access to one, toothbrush and paste, deodorant, a brush and/or a comb, flip flops or shower shoes, medications, razor, and any other personal item that you deem necessary to bring.

Clothing Items

Camping and any style of retreat in the outdoors will require essential clothing that you will need to bring with you. You will need warm sweaters, jeans track pants, and coats, long johns if necessary, hats, gloves, scarves, a dirty laundry bag, a swim suit, beach towel, rain gear, boots, and extra warm clothing.

Miscellaneous Items

packing for camp 7The following are random, miscellaneous items that you might want to include when packing for camp:

  • GPS or compass
  • Lantern with mantles or fuel
  • Chopstick
  • Sunscreen
  • Water purifier or filters
  • Bug candles and/or repellent
  • Chairs for sitting
  • Sunglasses
  • Radio
  • Fishing bait, license, and gear
  • Fanny pack and backpack
  • Random tools, including utility knife
  • Candles
  • Books, Kindle, or magazines
  • Camera and/or video camera
  • Games that will cater to a summer camp for toddlers
  • Flashlights and extra batteries
  • First aid kits, always bring more than one
  • Hershey bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows to make smores
  • Bungee straps and cords
  • Coffee pot, water bottle, and a spare canteen

Packing for Camp: Having a Successful Camping Trip or Retreat

By ensuring you have all of the items in this checklist, plus the extra items that you deem necessary, you will have a fun, successful camping trip!

What are your favorite things to include when packing for camp?

packing for camp 8

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Why Every Woman Should Try Camping At Least Once

Why Every Woman Should Try Camping At Least Once

By Whitney Klenzendorf

Camping: an activity where you pack up all your things in a car, drive to an open piece of land, unpack all of the things you just packed an hour ago, make a temporary home out of a small tent, use public restrooms, sweat, and then at the end of the weekend, pack it all back up and head home.

Appealing, isn’t it?

But in the end, it wasn’t the experience of hauling a spatula into the woods that made camping one of America’s most beloved past times. There are bigger, better reasons why so many people love camping. Without fail, every time I go camping, a moment always comes along when I feel buoyed by the combined forces of the camping experience and say to myself, Why don’t I do this more often?

Try Camping 1

You could say I love camping for the stars, the scenery, or the s’mores (talk about motivation!), but I believe the motivation is deeper than that.

What to Love About Camping

1. It’s a simple experience, and the simplicity is a healthy change from everyday life. You are required to pare life down to the simplest of things, only that which you need for a few days. When you arrive, you have your small amount of things, but you are surrounded by this big landscape, which dwarfs you and your possessions and any issues you may be facing at home or work.

Try Camping 2

2. Kids love it. I love watching kids run around a campsite and get engaged in activities they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to partake in. Of course it’s important for kids to get outdoors so they will learn about the natural world, but I also think the simple freedom that comes with being outside is an important experience for them. Finally, it’s ok for them to get wet and muddy and stay that way all day!

Try Camping 3

3. Intense, unparalleled bonding. I’m a social being, so I love how close this activity brings me to my fellow campers, but those seeking solitude also benefit from the bonding that occurs when camping—both with God, or the spiritual being you believe in, and with oneself. My solitary moments in nature have given me the most powerful bonding moments with God I’ve ever experienced, by seeing his incredible creation around me and by having the quiet moments to listen to Him.

Try Camping 4

On the social front, it is no coincidence that the majority of my most treasured moments with friends and family—many which occurred over two decades ago but which stick out in my mind today with crystal clarity—were outside.

Backpacking with my family in the Rocky Mountains when I was just five or six, sleeping out in the open under the stars at camp, racing horses through apple orchards with my friend Leila, camping in state parks with my sister and brother in laws and their daughters, or even times as simple as sitting on a dock fishing with my grandfather, all are treasured memories. I know that the highlight reel of my life (the real highlight reel, not just the “highlight reel” of social media) includes these moments.

Try Camping 5

And, as anyone who has ever set up a tent with another person knows, you can’t not get to know someone when you set up a tent with them! Just try it and you will know what I mean. (Same goes for field dressing an animal together…you can’t help but experience a kinship over a such a unique experience.)

I hope you feel encouraged to try camping, and if you need tips feel free to check out the “Glamping” section of Whit’s Wilderness. May you have many fun camp outs in your future.

Benefits of the Camping Experience for Women

Benefits 1

By Iris West

When people ask how I manage to always look so vibrant and energetic even in the middle of stressful situations, I smile and say, “camping.” For a leisure activity that can appear so dull and out of place in the technological world, I know that answer always comes out as a surprise, and probably a joke to some. Camping, however, has a great deal of benefits for you as a woman.

Relaxation/cut off stress

Benefits 2From the busy work schedules, to bodily woes and the stresses of life, every once in a while, it is recommended that you take a few moments and unwind.

For me, I cannot do that while at home; somehow, something always comes up and relaxing is put on hold.

Camping provides the opportunity, time and much needed space for relaxation, providing many benefits including giving ample time to concentrate and meditate on one’s life.


Benefits 8There is not a single place in the world better for inspiration, than where nature resides. With nature there is exploration, heightened curiosity and a peace that drives you deep into thought, where those great ideas come from.

Camping gives you the ideal scenarios for you to be in touch with nature. It is while camping that I had most of my best ideas and made the greatest decisions of my life.


Benefits 4Is it not hard for you to go an entire hour without checking at least one electronic device? Such is the world we live in nowadays and you would be surprised at the effects of these devices to us. Besides time wastage, there is impulse behavior and heightened stress levels among others.

I often leave every device back at home when I go camping. This is primarily because camping is the one place I get that much needed opportunity to unplug.

Exercise benefits

Benefits 5If you wish to burn those calories in a way that does not feel constricting or restrictive, then you need to go camping.

All that walking, hiking, trekking and carrying around the weight in your bag, is a great deal of exercise. I guarantee you that a few days of camping could be the game changer for your weight loss routine.

Better sleeping patterns

Benefits 6This is usually tied down to the fact that you are offline and away from all the distractions. A woman needs her beauty sleep and unfortunately, for one reason or the other, we do not get enough of that.

Going camping however, helps you maintain a steady and healthy sleeping pattern that keeps you rejuvenated and calm, besides relieving the stress that comes with exhaustion.

Get rid of the mood swings

Benefits 10Research has shown that nature can work wonders for your mental health, especially if you live in the city. A study conducted at Michigan University cited that walking outdoors even for a few minutes can reduce depression symptoms.

Another study conducted at Stanford University found that walking in nature has the ability to overcome the trend by people to obsess over negative thoughts, which could increase the risk of mental health issues.

No screens

Benefits 3One of the biggest advantages of camping for women that I’ve discovered is that there are absolutely no screens. Sometimes all a woman needs is to shut themselves from cyberspace and simply connect with nature. And what better way to achieve that than go camping?

Too much screens aren’t good for health and it’s sometimes important to power down. And without screens, you get so much more done in the way of connecting with friends, family and loved ones.

Departure from daily life at little or no cost

Benefits 9It would be great for everyone to travel and take a vacation if they have a few savings. But who said you have to go on holiday to escape your fast-paced life?

After all, today’s economy doesn’t allow most of us to travel to a different city or country to get away. There are plenty of expenses to think about including meals, restaurants, hotel rooms, passport, the attractions and more. When it comes to camping, I can get away and for very little cost too.

Take a shortcut to mindfulness

Benefits 7If you are one of those people like me for whom formal meditation doesn’t work, camping can work wonders for you. Of course, sometimes I can do simple meditations but at other times the sitting gets tough. Camping necessitates mindfulness because we have to be there to camp and secondly, there’s no technology distracting us. In the woods, you get to hear the buzz of insects, the crackle of the fire as well as the song of a bird without the distracting noises of passing cars, cat fights in the night, fighting couples, and general urbanity. Camping raises awareness to the present and brings your attention to the present moment. And when night falls, your world reduces to the fire.

There are many more benefits of camping for women, but they can only be truly experienced if you take the step to actually go camping.

Happy First Birthday Camping for Women!

Camping for Women first birthday

Camping for Women is now officially 1!

Camping for Women and its website went live with its first blog post on 23 May 2015 and so much has happened since then.

In our first year, we have chalked up a few milestones…


Top 10 achievements include:

Camping for Women free ebook

  • Commenced the website with a global theme focussed on women’s needs
  • Launched free blog subscription
  • Introduced ‘Knowledge Sharing’ between women to benefit all
  • Coordinated significant contributions of multiple women across 8 countries from 5 regions
  • Commissioned and published a free beginners ebook available on website
  • Compiled (so far) 91 specialist women outdoor articles (and counting…)
  • Commissioned a specialist camping cookbook to cater to hikers, campers and glampers
  • Developed the free ‘Planned Itinerary Notification’ (P.I.N.) safety resource
  • Commissioned and published the Camping First Aid Guide
  • Launched the Camping for Women Channel for videos on YouTube

But there is no time to rest now…with more and more women expressing keen interest to grow available resources across a number of different areas.

So what’s being planned next for year 2?

Well, we have a few things that we are working toward right now…

Camping Cuisine Cookbook Front Cover-page-001

  • Launch of ‘The 3 in 1 Camping Cuisine Cookbook’
  • Checklists across a number of different outdoor activities, available for free download
  • Introduction of an online outdoor store within the website
  • Providing a service to assist women produce and share videos with other women
  • Continue to build a bank of useful articles, tips and information for women who love the great outdoors
  • Put together specialist guides on Rock Climbing & Mountaineering, Canyoneering, Canoeing & Kayaking while investigating other areas of interest to our readers

So this post is about marking the occasion of our first birthday by letting our readers know what has happened and outline a few things we have planned for the future.

Most of all we want to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone for your wonderful support and ongoing encouragement to continue to develop the best global resource possible.

Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts or ideas for what you would like to see for the future or if you want to join in sharing your experience of the great outdoors.  Just send us a message on the ‘Contact’ page of the website or email us: – As always we love to hear from you.

Here’s to another great year serving fellow women campers…

Nicole Anderson

1st Birthday Celebrations

Camping is Fun: 10 Ways to Convince Your Friends

By Shelby Kisgen

If you are reading this, it is probably because you enjoy camping to some degree, or you are trying to figure out what the hype is all about. The bottom line is that camping is not just for men, women enjoy it too. If you believe that, then it is time to start planning you first or hundredth camping trip.

Since a girl’s night out in the woods is a life-changing, friendship-bonding experience, it is best to take along your favorite girls: college friends, work buddies, sister, mom, any female you already enjoy spending your free time with, but now you will spend it camping.

Follow this guide to convince the women in your life that Camping is Fun: 10 Ways to Convince Your Friends

  1. The Phone-Addict: This girl is a social media professional; she can scroll that little screen faster than the brownies can disappear in the work lounge. You need to convince her how cool she will look with Instagram photos of a campfire or mountain lake: no filters needed on these views. Explain to her that with Wi-Fi access she will still be able to stay current on world events while listening to the crickets chirp. Just be hopeful that when the cell service does inevitably fail, that you are prepared to make sure she enjoys herself without her phone.
  2. The Hippie: If this girl is not already camping, she will be an easy one to convince. Point out how many flowers she can add to her hair when she reaches the high meadow at the top of the hiking trail. Explain how she can go “off-the-grid” and experience a natural life.
  3. The Feminist: Ask her two questions: “So you are telling me that you are not brave enough to go camping? Is that why men camp instead of women?”
  4. The Girly-girl: Take her shopping to your local outdoor store; the amount of adorable leggings, jackets, and hats will make any fashionista’s eyes bulge. Tell her you will buy her that tank she is eyeing if she promises to wear it camping that coming weekend.
  5. The Adventurer: Find some challenging hikes and thrilling views. Showing her the pictures should be enough, but if not, make some joke about being scared and she will quickly want to come.
  6. The Pinterest Lover: Create a camping board, preferably with DIY crafts and campfire meals. No true pinner will be able to resist the pretty pictures and a chance to try out new tutorials.
  7. The Workaholic: This is a tough one. Explain to this lady that her stress levels are too high, and weekend camping will revitalize her. Lower stress levels will actually make her more productive at work, and add working years to her life, thus it is a working vacation.
  8. The Tom-boy: Tell her that showering is optional and that dirt abounds. She will flip at the idea of breaking the cultural norms of hygiene standards.
  9. The Serial Dater: “Accidentally” leave a mushy-ridiculous story lying around of a couple who met in the woods and fell in love while hiking. Then tell her that lots of single guys go camping, and that they are all in really good shape. Who needs when you have the woods?
  10. The Best Friend: This girl will go with you just because you ask, and possibly beg and plead. She is your best pal and most loyal partner, so make sure she has fun.

All silly stereotypes and jokes aside, camping truly is a great opportunity for women to bond and relax in nature. Strike a bargain with your friends; if they try camping with you just once, you will try whatever it is they have been nagging you to do with them: watch that crazy anime movie, eat tofu, or go dancing. Friendships are about compromises and self-sacrifices for another’s happiness. If they agree to camp with you just once, odds are they will love it and want to return. Then you have found your newest camping compadre.

Camping is universally appealing and tremendous fun is had across most age groups once they get into it.  So many wonderful memories are created and often recorded.  Below is a fun video posted of a co-ed camping trip:

Brand new global resource for women campers

By Nicole Anderson

Welcome to the very first blog post of the brand new Camping for Women website!

It is so exciting to be developing something on a subject that so many women have developed a true passion for and the plan is for this blog and website to become really useful and the ‘go-to’ place where we girls can share knowledge, stories and ideas.

With the launch of the website and blog, comes the birth of a resource that will grow and grow over time with the aim of providing women campers across the globe with a valuable treasure trove of goodies that are all aimed at maximising the outdoors experience we all love.


Initially the site has started off with a number of useful articles written especially for women campers by experienced women campers as well as hosting an interactive blog.  Regardless of what your passion is in the camping world: hiking, fishing, mountain biking, rock climbing, campfire cooking, canoeing/kayaking, nature photography or any number of other associated outdoor endeavours, you should find something that interests you.

The articles and blog will both continue to be added to in order to build an impressive library and knowledge base at your fingertips.  And added to this very shortly will be videos, free subscription to the site, and a number of tailor-made products for women campers on top of useful gear available for you, dependent on your needs.


A few more details about the website can be found on the ‘About’ page and I sincerely hope that, as a reader, you will get as involved as possible.  Often we are told that “the more you put in to something, the more you will get out” and I am sure you will find this the case, by sharing with your fellow camping ‘sisters’.

Thank you for reading and taking an interest.  I really look forward to interacting and providing value with you to make camping better for everyone, no matter where in the world this happens to be.

Nicole Anderson