Wilderness Safety and Survival

Wilderness 1

By Iris West

If you are a fan of activities that often take you to the wilderness such as camping and hiking, then it is important that you familiarize yourself with safety and survival for the wilderness. If you have little or no outdoor survival skills, then it’s best to do a little research before starting your trip.  Remember desert, forest and clear skies will be your closest friends. Also of much benefit is to have an idea of your enemies too; including bugs, some animals and some flies!

Packing for the wilderness

If it is your first time, you need to know about the essentials that you need to pack before you leave the house. First of all, travel light and anything non-essential should not accompany you on your trip. Always pack for the estimated time that you will be there. For instance, if the hike will take no more than three days and nights, then you should not pack for a fourth. You should only pack what you can carry as dragging unnecessary and/or extra weight may only endanger you and those around you. Knowing what to pack and how to pack is both a survival and safety skill, most especially if you are travelling alone. Some essentials that you need to pack include:

  • Utensils
  • Flashlight or other sustainable source of light that does not rely on electricity for recharge
  • Map and compass as well as any other navigation equipment that you can use effectively
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Shelter equipment among others that you need to read up on depending where in the world you are.

Wilderness 2

Understand each person’s skills

If you are travelling as a group, it is important that you understand the skills and contributions of each member of the group. Those who do not have survival skills can be assigned tasks that do not require specific skills such as the collection of firewood. That is to say that they should play a supportive role. If you are alone, it is equally important that you know the extent of your skills. For instance, can you build a fire without using a lighter or matches? If not, then you will need to carry them as essentials.

Always follow the trail

Remember that you are out in the wilderness and you are no doubt bound to come across a number of wild animals. It is therefore, important that for your own safety, you follow the trails. However tempting it might be, do not wander off to create your own path unless you have a trained guide with you. Some trails are also equally dangerous so it is important that you watch your step.

Do not just eat or drink anything

Not everything that has meat on it is edible and in just the same way, not every plant is edible. If you have no idea what is edible and what is not, then do not attempt to eat anything. It is much better to carry your own food instead of eating anything out in the wilderness.

Watch your fire

Wilderness 3It might be tempting and reassuring to just keep adding wood to the fire, especially if you do not have a stove to use. That might be the beginning of a fatal fire. Always watch your fire so that the flames do not grow out of control. At the same time, account for the wind strength and speed as it might just carry embers around and start an uncontrollable fire. Always put out any unmonitored fires, especially when you go to sleep. Otherwise you will end up starting a wilderness fire.

Request to be accompanied by a guide

This applies if you (when travelling alone) or anyone in the group, has safety or survival knowledge. If there is no guide available, because not all places have guides, then align yourself/yourselves with a group that has a knowledgeable person of the area. I would however recommend that before you even plan the trip, you familiarize yourself with basic survival skills such as building a fire or fishing.

Stick to and with the group

Unless you are travelling alone in some secluded part of the wilderness, it is always important to stick with a group. Alone, you are an easy target to some wild animals and there is increased chance of getting lost. As a group however, you have the collective knowledge as well as strength in numbers. You will also enjoy the sight of animals in their habitat. When sticking together in a group, some animals might appear to be your friends. However don’t go too close to them to test this impression!

Wilderness First Aid KitHave an emergency first aid kit

Even if you do not have medical training, you should ensure you have basic first aid skills. If you don’t, then you should at least have a first aid booklet or written guide.

In any case, always carry a first aid kit for emergencies. There are so many types of first aid kits available, you are bound to find one that is perfect for your circumstances.

Familiarize yourself with safety procedures

Just because you are out in the wilderness, does not mean that there aren’t emergency safety procedures. In the event of an emergency, you need to be aware of what to do before you get additional aid or assistance. It is therefore necessary to learn the procedures relevant to your area as well as the emergency contacts.

One other the daytime safety precaution that you should never forget is ‘never walk bare foot’ (the wilderness poses lots of threats).

At night, ‘walk around the camp site and always zip your tent while you sleep’.

Do not take risks that you cannot safely get out of

The thrill of being in the wilderness might make you take unnecessary risks. If you know you cannot get out of any situation safely, then it is not worth getting into it in the first place. For instance, do not dive into the river without knowledge of its depth and speed. However, if you really want to then consider if are you an exceptional swimmer and diver. If not, then avoid it.

In short, never take your personal safety for granted.  You can never be too careful.

Wilderness 4

Taking Camping Gear on an International Trip

International Trip 1

By Shazia Chiu

Preparing for an international trip is often a lengthy process. Packing, making sure you have all the proper travel documents, finding someone to watch your pets or home, and making arrangements at your destination takes time and effort.

If you anticipate camping at all during your trip, you’ve probably thought about renting or buying camping gear in-country. However, a bit of extra effort before your trip can save you a lot of money and help you avoid the stress of dealing with unfamiliar gear.

International Trip to where?

Before you whip out your camping supplies, do a bit of research to make sure that the country you’re visiting is camper-friendly. Some places, especially third-world countries, don’t have the facilities for safe and comfortable outdoor living. Other areas such as some Scandinavian countries have free camping, which means that you can your pitch tent wherever you want with few exceptions.

Once you’ve done your homework, it’s time to start gathering your gear!


Finding the right backpack for your camping supplies is a crucial first step. As you choose a backpack, be sure to think about the size of your gear, the length of your international trip, and the luggage policies of your airline. If you have compact, high-end gear, a pack between 50 and 70 liters should suffice. If your packing list includes specialized items for particular sports or you’re embarking on an extended adventure, look into packs with a higher capacity.

International Trip 2

You’ll want a sturdy, reliable pack to help ensure that your valuables stay safe. If you have specific questions about picking a backpack, outdoor sporting stores usually have representatives who can give you helpful pointers.

Now that you’ve got your pack, you can begin thinking about some other camping fundamentals: tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, clothing, and cooking equipment.


Packing a tent can be a bit of a hassle, but in countries with campsites you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of money on accommodations by being prepared. If you’re concerned about a tent being too heavy to pack, don’t fret–there are tents on the market that, when stowed, are slightly larger than a 20-ounce waterbottle! These tents can easily slide into a backpack between clothing and gear, or they can be secured to the outside of a pack.

International Trip 3

Check the weather conditions of the country you’re visiting to get an idea of how strong of a tent you’ll need. In windy areas, it’s not uncommon for tent poles to snap if they are poorly made. No one enjoys waking up with their roof on their head instead of over their head! A sturdy tent that is easy to set up and pack away is well worth the extra cost.

Camping somewhere dry and warm? Ditch the tent and opt for a hammock instead! Most hammocks are easy to transport because of their size and durability.

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags come in a range of shapes and sizes. Each bag has a temperature rating that explains the optimal conditions for its use. Above all, make sure that you bring a bag that will keep you cozy and warm. Keep an eye on the weather in your destination. Be sure to look beyond the major cities and towns since you’ll likely be staying off the beaten path as a camper.

International Trip 4

Small sleeping bags with down feather filling are a great choice for most environments. If you’re worried about getting cold, pack some thermal underwear and pick up a liner that fits inside your sleeping bag. These items will keep you toasty regardless of the weather.

Pack your sleeping bag toward the bottom of your backpack so that its weight is supported by your hips. As a general rule, heavier items are best at the base of your pack.

Sleeping Pad

Your sleeping pad should be small enough to fit next to your sleeping bag in your pack. It is important to find a pad that can be easily rolled or folded up since it is an item that you’ll use each day you camp. During your international trip, your sleeping pad may get holes or tears. It’s helpful to bring along a small patching kit or some heavy-duty tape so that you don’t end up sleeping directly on the floor.

Lightweight Clothing

Bring lightweight clothing that can easily fit at the top of your bag, or in between gear, if necessary. If you anticipate camping for multiple days in a row, you might want to think about getting dirt-proof and water-proof items that are meant for extended outdoor use. Although these items often cost a pretty penny, they can last for years in all sorts of terrain. If your travels take you to a cold environment, don’t forget to pack easily-overlooked essentials, like socks, gloves, and a hat.

Camp Stove

Camp stoves are among the trickiest pieces of equipment to travel with. Restrictions vary depending on your origin and destination, but as a general rule, it’s extremely important to remove all traces of fuel from your stove before attempting to take it with you on a plane. Fuel cannisters generally can’t come with you in checked or carry-on baggage. Plan to buy fuel once you arrive, or ship cannisters to your destination in advance, if possible.

International Trip 5

Many countries have incredible spots for camping. Taking your own camping gear on an international trip allows you to take advantage of every possible camping opportunity that comes your way!

The 3 in 1 Camping Cuisine Cookbook

“Who else wants to know how to make sure no one complains about food or goes hungry on your next trip to the great outdoors?”

If you are interested in proving you can put together delicious and nutritious creations with limited ingredients and equipment while in the middle of nature … then this is going to be the most exciting message you ever read.

Here’s why:

The 3 in 1 Camping Cuisine CookbookThere is an amazing new book called, The 3 in 1 Camping Cuisine Cookbook.” It covers nearly everything you need to know about putting together tasty, nutritious and hearty food that will satisfy even the most fussy and discerning palates easily and really make your trip memorable.

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Imagine being able to bring another element of complete enjoyment and fulfillment by providing food that people just do not expect in the wilderness.. It truly is possible, but you need to know how.

That’s what this brand new book could help you to do.

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For one very simple reason :campfire cooking

This book is a rare find catering to all three major outdoor activities: Hiking, Camping and Glamping, written by a caterer, nutritionist and experienced camper.

Which means , whether you are on foot moving through challenging terrain or based at a campsite you have found or even if you have brought along your own impressive mobile facilities, The 3 in 1 Camping Cuisine Cookbook combines all these scenarios into a single practical and indispensable resource.

Can you see now why owning this product makes such sense?

Here are some of the important points about The 3 in 1 Camping Cuisine Cookbook:

  • Camping CuisineHow to put together tasty and nutritious food that provide high levels of energy needed for hiking.
  • Simple ways to prepare beautiful dishes for people of all ages as well as cater to those with specific dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free as well as lactose free diets.
  • The little-known way to prepare great variety of food useful for day hikes as well as food best suited to longer hikes and trekking.
  • Proven steps to produce tried and tested recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner including starters, light meals, main meals, desserts and even baking treats you can prepare before leaving home.
  • Simple keys to plan and utilize numerous options that are simple to create and meet the needs of vegetarians (40 dishes), Vegan (24 dishes), Gluten Free (31 Dishes) and Lactose Free (40 dishes).
  • Campfire Cooking 2AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes how to choose the best options for your family with 43 dishes that are proven favorites with children.
  • Proven strategies for ensuring food safety while out in the great outdoors including 11 tips for storing meat and other perishables, another 11 tips for storing fruit and vegetables and lists of fruit and vegetables that do not require refrigeration, together with how long you should expect them to last.
  • Many tips and tricks for applying variations to most of the recipes featured throughout the book, allowing you the flexibility to be able to creatively alter dishes in a number of ways to suit differing tastes while changing the feel and presentation as you like.
  • A dirt-cheap way to savor so many delightful and quick options within this full color publication featuring professional photos of each finished dish in addition to photos of various hiking, camping and glamping environments.
  • Glamping CuisineA free and easy way to prepare multiple and diverse dishes following a well laid out format comprising all the ingredients, steps and methods needed to produce wholesome, delicious and satisfying food.
  • Discover how to implement 34 safety tips while away in the wilderness as well as 19 clean up tips and a Bibliography listing a number of other sources for great food and food-related ideas.
  • How to use 10 practical food ideas for hiking in addition to using hiking recipes.
  • REVEALED! The hidden truth behind the secrets of a seasoned woman camper with qualifications in commercial cookery and nutrition and who has taught cookery classes and built up a wealth of knowledge and experience across two continents.
  • Your secret weapon for looking really talented as a foodie/chef in front of your fellow campers and making it all look easy thanks to this book.
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Camping Cuisine 3To have someone do all this research for you would normally cost you a whole lot of money.  Particularly laser-guided accurate information like this –SPECIFICALLY for putting together outdoor tasty, nutritious and hearty food that will satisfy even the most fussy and discerning palates easily and really make your trip memorable.

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Karson Freeman
Karson Freeman

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Vivian Shen
Vivian Shen

“When I go camping, I take this book with me. It has many easy and tasty recipes. The recipes are easy to follow and there are color photos of every dish. I’m please I found this book and I would recommend it to all campers.” Vivian Shen Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.

Mirjana Vukovic 3 in 1 Camping Cuisine Cookbook
Mirjana Vukovic

“It’s just an amazing, helpful book if you are going outside or if you’re going camping.  It has a lot of recipes that include fresh ingredients and has a lot of tips that are related to camping and spending time outdoors.  Overall very helpful and handy if you are a camper or if you love to spend time outdoors.  A big, big, thumbs-up for this book.”  Mirjana Vukovic, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Stephanie Price
Stephanie Price

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The Camping for Women Team

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Doing the Rickshaw Run

Camping for Women Doing the Rickshaw Run

By Kristine MacMillan

International Travel & Adventure: Completing the Rickshaw Run across India.

The Rickshaw Run India3 times a year a British company loosely organizes a race across India over a 2 week period. There are 3 different routes, usually one in January, one in April and one in August.

I took part in the north to south route and drove an auto rickshaw some 3000km from Rajasthan to Kerala with 2 girl friends. When I say it’s loosely organized I mean there is a starting point and an end point. How you get between the 2 is up to you. You figure out your route, where you’re going to stay each night and what to do when the rickshaw breaks down. Because, trust me, you will break down.

Our race started in the city of Jaisalmer, so to get to the race starting point we flew from the US to Delhi and then to Jodhpur where we had a driver take us the 5hr drive to Jaisalmer.

Best time(s) to visit:

Personally I think January was the perfect time of year to do the Rickshaw Run as it was cool in northern India and warmed up as we drove further south. The April and August Rickshaw Runs often encounter much hotter temperatures and rain. We were lucky to have excellent weather during our 2 week adventure.

Climate/weather/temperature & appropriate dress for the area and culture:

Rickshaw run 3Outside of Goa I think it’s important to dress conservatively in India. As western women we stood out pretty much everywhere we went, and seeing as we were western women driving a hot pink 3 wheeled rickshaw it was pretty difficult for us to blend in.

The northern part of India was pretty chilly in the mornings and late evenings and we wore fleece jackets and blankets as the back of the rickshaw gets very breezy. As we drove south we needed lighter more breathable clothes.

Main attractions/Must dos:

rickshaw-run-5Here’s the great thing with this adventure- you make your own route. So if you want to detour and head for the Taj Mahal then you can. Our 2 main stops were to Sula Winery in Nashik- did you know that there is good wine in India?

Our other stop was to have 2 nights to stay in Goa with a full day of relaxing and not having to drive the rickshaw.

Other teams got to Goa as fast as they could and stayed there several nights. It’s really up to you and what you want to see!

Rickshaw Run – Key Highlights for me:

Rickshaw run highlightsThe main highlights for me was the interactions we had with local people. When you’re driving in a vehicle that has no doors and a maximum speed of 50km/hr you interact with the environment in a way you can’t in a car. You smell the scents of the passing villages, you can hear the school children calling out as you drive pass. People would wave and follow us all day long.

Sometimes the getting followed part was a little unnerving, sometimes they would pass us cold drinks as they drove alongside us. We had our photos taken hundreds and hundreds of times. We met some extremely kind Indian men who helped us out and without them our journey likely would’ve been different. Many of them came to our rescue during one of our many breakdowns- they never allowed us to pay them for their help- we instead handed out ballcaps as tokens of thanks.

Things that make this experience different or unique:

Rickshaw run 8Everyday on the Rickshaw Run would just happen. We couldn’t plan it out, It just unfolded however it would. I loved the unpredictability of it. We might start the day with a plan and then we might break down 10 times and have to scrap the original plan and just roll with it. It’s not often that you get the opportunity to travel this way. It was a very authentic type of travel and I think that’s one of the things I loved the most- the not knowing who we would meet or what might happen. It really forced me to live in the moment.

Things visitors should be aware of:

Rickshaw Run 4The Rickshaw Run is not for the faint of heart and neither are Indian roadside bathrooms. But in all seriousness Indian roads are dangerous. Other teams had bad accidents, some were unable to complete the race. I know a team of 3 girls who recently did the race and their rickshaw flipped when their brakes failed coming down a hill- one of the girls broke her neck. She has recovered, but there is a level of danger with participating in the race.

Travel insurance is essential. Even with insurance you could find yourself in a situation where you are injured and the nearest hospital is a few hours away. We never drove at night as a general rule. We tended to stay on more major roads. Thankfully, we never encountered any situations that we felt our physical safety was an issue.

While here you should:

Interact with the locals and eat local food. Indian food is fantastic. Make sure to stop off at roadside Chai truckstops and have Chai tea with other road warriors. Let go of planning and live in the moment. Trust in yourself and your teammates. Don’t let people tell you that 3 women can’t drive across India safely because I’m living proof that women can!

Budget considerations:

rickshaw-run-6A lot of things factor into how much you budget. We stayed in mostly middle of the range places, though sometimes super cheap places and a couple more expensive places. We also had our 2 nights in Goa comped as we had contacted the hotel prior to going to tell them about our adventure.

The Adventurists (the company that organizes the race) charges $2100 US per team and you’re required to pay a $1300 deposit which is returned if there’s not severe damage to the rickshaw at the end. You’re also required to raise money for charity- the minimum amount is around $1300. The Adventurists have a charity that they support, but you can choose to support another charity as long as you raise half of the minimum amount for their charity. We supported an Indian based charity for sex trafficked women and children which we later visited to volunteer.

You need to also budget for fuel, parts, food, and alcohol. I would guess that we spent about $3000 each including airfare.

Facilities/nearby activities:

Rickshaw run 9The major centers have all the facilities you might need, but in the villages things get a little trickier. More remote places tend to have more questionable accommodation choices and access to medical facilities is more difficult.

If coming here, don’t forget to bring:

An international driving permit is a great idea. We got pulled over twice- both times while I was driving and the police asked to see my license. I’m pretty sure we could’ve bribed our way out of the situation though, had I not had one. Some basic first aid knowledge is a good idea. We brought gifts from home to give to the kind people that helped us along the way- ball caps and flashlights and such.

Reviewer’s rating out of 10:

Rickshaw Run 10An 11. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my time on the Rickshaw Run. It will likely be one of the biggest adventures of my life and I dream of doing it again. It was such an incredible experience and it taught me that you can trust in the kindness of strangers.

Location/Activity relevant websites:

theadventurists.com – the website of the organizers of the race.

kickinitsaristyle.com – the website of the Kickin’ it Sari Style Team.

See the video:

Highlights of the entire trip were captured on video, from which a number of clips were compiled into a single video for Camping for Women readers and subscribers.  The video appears below:


Global Outdoor Adventure Store Launched

It’s finally here – The Global Outdoor Adventure Store!

Word of the launch of the Global Outdoor Adventure Store is big news for the outdoor women community.

Global Outdoor Adventure Store 1

“More stuff than any physical store can hold”

After months of investigating a number of different options to provide women with the best possible access to outdoor gear and supplies, a brand new shopping portal has now been unveiled!

The Global Outdoor Adventure Store is now live and accessible on a 24/7 basis from one of the main tabs (labelled ‘Shopping’) on Camping for Women’s home page.

Global Outdoor Adventure Store 2The Global Outdoor Adventure Store was created in conjunction with the world’s largest internet-based retailer, Amazon.

Amazon was able to deliver a number of key elements considered vital to the creation of the store.  Most notably the shopping portal offers the following:

Relevant items

Global Outdoor Adventure Store 3First and foremost, this online shopping portal is a Camping for Women store.  That means it has been set up to present items that will be of interest to outdoor women.  It is not focused on items that fall outside that criteria.

The aim of the store is to provide great options of interest to the Camping for Women audience.  Therefore visitors simply won’t find non-relevant merchandise unless they use Amazon’s search bar to explore elsewhere.

The emphasis with the online portal has been placed on providing the full shopping experience.  This includes having detailed information on products and providing a simple process to deliver value for visitors and subscribers.


Global Outdoor Adventure Store 4There is a massive choice when it comes to products, brands, quality and pricing options.

Choices literally number in the hundreds across a number of categories, making the store’s range extremely impressive.  Great for shoppers keen to expand their outdoor equipment, wardrobe, gear, appliances etc.  A very practical and useful resource to enhance their experiences in the great outdoors.

When it comes to outdoor-related items: you name it, it’s there!


Global Outdoor Adventure Store 5The sheer volume of sales made by Amazon globally makes them the undisputed market leader.  This means that their purchasing power and competitive ability is simply second to none.

According to the New York Times, in 2015, Amazon surpassed Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the United States by market capitalization (August 16, 2015).

Hence, this competitive value just flows through to their product range and onto customers.  The special offers and pricing advantages is something that women campers are well placed to benefit from.  Camping for Women also intends to notify its subscribers of particular specials and value offers from time to time.


Global Outdoor Adventure Store 6To make it easier to identify choices for what shoppers are looking for, merchandise has been organised into categories.  These categories match Amazon’s global categorization system – making it simple to find items across such a large range.

The categories included with outdoor-specific products with the launch of the Global Outdoor Adventure Store are:

Global Outdoor Adventure Store 7Appliances




Camera & Photo

Cell Phones & Accessories

Clothing & Accessories

Global Outdoors Adventure Store 8DVD


Grocery & Gourmet Food

Handbags & Shoes

Health & Personal Care


Kitchen & Homewares

Global Outdoor Adventure Store 9Miscellaneous

Pet Supplies


Sports & Outdoors

Tools & Hardware

Additional categories of books, magazine subscriptions and the kindle store will be featured within the site’s publications section.

Product information

Global Outdoor Adventure Store 10Each product featured within the Global Outdoor Adventure Store has more detail that can be seen by clicking on the product image and name.

Information provided on products is comprehensive including technical specifications and independent product reviews.  So visitors can read what previous purchasers have to say on the product.

All customers that purchase products are also able to leave their own reviews and opinions on the site.

Secure ordering

Global Outdoor Adventure Store 11All payments made for purchases through the store are done directly through Amazon.  Needless to say that Amazon’s security and process for transacting purchases globally are extremely safe and reliable.

To protect shoppers, Amazon uses Transport Security Layer (TLS)/Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 128 bit encryption.  This is the industry standard in secure server protection.  In relation to purchases, Camping for Women does not hold or retain any credit card or other financial information.  This is completely handled by Amazon.


Global Outdoor Adventure Store 12Amazon operates numerous warehouse and fulfillment centers worldwide, often near airports, employing hundreds of people.  Here they unpack, inspect incoming goods, store, pick and ship products all over the globe.

Their capability when it comes to product ordering, storage and distribution system on such a massive scale is impressive.  It’s all done on a timely basis to ensure prompt dispatch and delivery of orders.


Global Outdoor Adventure Store 13The layout and usability of the store has been kept really easy to navigate.  This allows shoppers to casually browse multiple products, comparing quality and pricing. Shoppers also have easy access to further product detail and past customer feedback on all items on offer.

Store visitors can easily switch between different categories depending on the type of products that interest them.  The shopping cart and check-out process is likewise straight-forward while offering the levels of security that online shoppers demand.

Amazon also supports a user-friendly web portal for multiple platforms and hardware used by shoppers, including mobile devices.

Consumer Protection

Global Outdoor Adventure Store 14As stated on Amazon’s website: Amazon’s A-to-Z Guarantee lets you buy with confidence and peace of mind.

When you pay with Amazon, shoppers take the protection of Amazon with them.

Amazon doesn’t share credit card information, and shoppers are covered by the same buyer protection plan available on Amazon.com.

Global Outdoor Adventure Store 15Customer Service

Aside from their online help provided via the Amazon website, the store visitors and customers also have access to one-on-one support via the Amazon Live Chat service.

This service is available for any inquiries relating to products or their delivery.  It provides peace of mind that professional assistance is always on hand should it ever be needed.

Trust, reliability, brand reputation

Global Outdoor Adventure Store 16Another consideration for the Global Outdoor Adventure Store was to work alongside an established and respected leader in the market.

Given the track-record, size, resources, systems and overall customer satisfaction levels achieved, Amazon emerged as the choice.  Camping for Women could confidently work with Amazon and know that women subscribers and visitors worldwide would approve.


Global Outdoor Adventure Store 17Founder of Camping for Women Nicole Anderson said she was delighted with the result.  “There were so many aspects to consider in selecting and then tailoring the best shopping option for visitors and subscribers.

In the end, Amazon was chosen because of their ability to deliver against all the criteria. Criteria that was important in catering to the needs and wants of our global outdoor audience” Nicole said.


Global Outdoor Adventure Store 18The Global Outdoor Adventure Store is the latest initiative of Camping for Women. The store compliments its own products including its free articles, specialist publications, free subscription and resources.  All of which are created by women for women.

Click here to visit the Global Outdoor Adventure Store or simply click on the ‘Shopping’ tab of the Camping for Women website.