Why Every Woman Should Try Camping At Least Once

Why Every Woman Should Try Camping At Least Once

By Whitney Klenzendorf

Camping: an activity where you pack up all your things in a car, drive to an open piece of land, unpack all of the things you just packed an hour ago, make a temporary home out of a small tent, use public restrooms, sweat, and then at the end of the weekend, pack it all back up and head home.

Appealing, isn’t it?

But in the end, it wasn’t the experience of hauling a spatula into the woods that made camping one of America’s most beloved past times. There are bigger, better reasons why so many people love camping. Without fail, every time I go camping, a moment always comes along when I feel buoyed by the combined forces of the camping experience and say to myself, Why don’t I do this more often?

Try Camping 1

You could say I love camping for the stars, the scenery, or the s’mores (talk about motivation!), but I believe the motivation is deeper than that.

What to Love About Camping

1. It’s a simple experience, and the simplicity is a healthy change from everyday life. You are required to pare life down to the simplest of things, only that which you need for a few days. When you arrive, you have your small amount of things, but you are surrounded by this big landscape, which dwarfs you and your possessions and any issues you may be facing at home or work.

Try Camping 2

2. Kids love it. I love watching kids run around a campsite and get engaged in activities they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to partake in. Of course it’s important for kids to get outdoors so they will learn about the natural world, but I also think the simple freedom that comes with being outside is an important experience for them. Finally, it’s ok for them to get wet and muddy and stay that way all day!

Try Camping 3

3. Intense, unparalleled bonding. I’m a social being, so I love how close this activity brings me to my fellow campers, but those seeking solitude also benefit from the bonding that occurs when camping—both with God, or the spiritual being you believe in, and with oneself. My solitary moments in nature have given me the most powerful bonding moments with God I’ve ever experienced, by seeing his incredible creation around me and by having the quiet moments to listen to Him.

Try Camping 4

On the social front, it is no coincidence that the majority of my most treasured moments with friends and family—many which occurred over two decades ago but which stick out in my mind today with crystal clarity—were outside.

Backpacking with my family in the Rocky Mountains when I was just five or six, sleeping out in the open under the stars at camp, racing horses through apple orchards with my friend Leila, camping in state parks with my sister and brother in laws and their daughters, or even times as simple as sitting on a dock fishing with my grandfather, all are treasured memories. I know that the highlight reel of my life (the real highlight reel, not just the “highlight reel” of social media) includes these moments.

Try Camping 5

And, as anyone who has ever set up a tent with another person knows, you can’t not get to know someone when you set up a tent with them! Just try it and you will know what I mean. (Same goes for field dressing an animal together…you can’t help but experience a kinship over a such a unique experience.)

I hope you feel encouraged to try camping, and if you need tips feel free to check out the “Glamping” section of Whit’s Wilderness. May you have many fun camp outs in your future.

Benefits of the Camping Experience for Women

Benefits 1

By Iris West

When people ask how I manage to always look so vibrant and energetic even in the middle of stressful situations, I smile and say, “camping.” For a leisure activity that can appear so dull and out of place in the technological world, I know that answer always comes out as a surprise, and probably a joke to some. Camping, however, has a great deal of benefits for you as a woman.

Relaxation/cut off stress

Benefits 2From the busy work schedules, to bodily woes and the stresses of life, every once in a while, it is recommended that you take a few moments and unwind.

For me, I cannot do that while at home; somehow, something always comes up and relaxing is put on hold.

Camping provides the opportunity, time and much needed space for relaxation, providing many benefits including giving ample time to concentrate and meditate on one’s life.


Benefits 8There is not a single place in the world better for inspiration, than where nature resides. With nature there is exploration, heightened curiosity and a peace that drives you deep into thought, where those great ideas come from.

Camping gives you the ideal scenarios for you to be in touch with nature. It is while camping that I had most of my best ideas and made the greatest decisions of my life.


Benefits 4Is it not hard for you to go an entire hour without checking at least one electronic device? Such is the world we live in nowadays and you would be surprised at the effects of these devices to us. Besides time wastage, there is impulse behavior and heightened stress levels among others.

I often leave every device back at home when I go camping. This is primarily because camping is the one place I get that much needed opportunity to unplug.

Exercise benefits

Benefits 5If you wish to burn those calories in a way that does not feel constricting or restrictive, then you need to go camping.

All that walking, hiking, trekking and carrying around the weight in your bag, is a great deal of exercise. I guarantee you that a few days of camping could be the game changer for your weight loss routine.

Better sleeping patterns

Benefits 6This is usually tied down to the fact that you are offline and away from all the distractions. A woman needs her beauty sleep and unfortunately, for one reason or the other, we do not get enough of that.

Going camping however, helps you maintain a steady and healthy sleeping pattern that keeps you rejuvenated and calm, besides relieving the stress that comes with exhaustion.

Get rid of the mood swings

Benefits 10Research has shown that nature can work wonders for your mental health, especially if you live in the city. A study conducted at Michigan University cited that walking outdoors even for a few minutes can reduce depression symptoms.

Another study conducted at Stanford University found that walking in nature has the ability to overcome the trend by people to obsess over negative thoughts, which could increase the risk of mental health issues.

No screens

Benefits 3One of the biggest advantages of camping for women that I’ve discovered is that there are absolutely no screens. Sometimes all a woman needs is to shut themselves from cyberspace and simply connect with nature. And what better way to achieve that than go camping?

Too much screens aren’t good for health and it’s sometimes important to power down. And without screens, you get so much more done in the way of connecting with friends, family and loved ones.

Departure from daily life at little or no cost

Benefits 9It would be great for everyone to travel and take a vacation if they have a few savings. But who said you have to go on holiday to escape your fast-paced life?

After all, today’s economy doesn’t allow most of us to travel to a different city or country to get away. There are plenty of expenses to think about including meals, restaurants, hotel rooms, passport, the attractions and more. When it comes to camping, I can get away and for very little cost too.

Take a shortcut to mindfulness

Benefits 7If you are one of those people like me for whom formal meditation doesn’t work, camping can work wonders for you. Of course, sometimes I can do simple meditations but at other times the sitting gets tough. Camping necessitates mindfulness because we have to be there to camp and secondly, there’s no technology distracting us. In the woods, you get to hear the buzz of insects, the crackle of the fire as well as the song of a bird without the distracting noises of passing cars, cat fights in the night, fighting couples, and general urbanity. Camping raises awareness to the present and brings your attention to the present moment. And when night falls, your world reduces to the fire.

There are many more benefits of camping for women, but they can only be truly experienced if you take the step to actually go camping.

Romantic Camping Date Ideas

Romantic Camping Date 1

By Oceana Setaysha

Modern life is busy, and sometimes you feel like you don’t have any time to just sit back and enjoy yourself with someone that you care about. Luckily, you can go camping, and enjoy a day or two with that special someone away from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

So, how do you make those camping adventures really special? Well, we have a couple of ideas that will help you create a super memorable and romantic camping date.


Pick Somewhere Secluded

Romantic Camping Date 2The last thing you want on your date is to be surrounded by screaming children and families enjoying the great outdoors. Sure, kids are great, and there’s nothing wrong with families or even pensioners getting their fix of the wilderness, but it hardly sets the mood.

When you’re choosing a camping spot for you and your partner, try and choose somewhere that’s a bit more secluded. Even if it doesn’t have all of the facilities, the peace and quiet you get is well worth it. If those sites aren’t available, opt for a campsite right on the edge or at the back of a popular area, and carve out your own little piece of paradise.


For a Romantic Camping Date, Bring The Right Gear

Romantic Camping Date 3A really romantic camping date weekend means you don’t stress about forgetting something or having to ‘Macgyver’ something to fill in for a piece of equipment you don’t have. So, get it right from the start by making a really good list and bringing the right gear.

And even if you’re hiking into your campsite, try and bring a few little luxuries that your partner won’t expect, to really set the mood. This might be a really nice picnic rug, or a blanket to cuddle up in, or even a double hammock to hang somewhere and just relax in together.


Do Something Together

Romantic Camping Date 4Relaxing together and enjoying each other’s company is fun, and it’s a great way to spend a romantic camping date trip. But it’s just as fun to do something with your significant other, particularly if it’s an activity you both enjoy.

Depending on where you go to camp you might be able to go on a hike or do some orienteering. There might be a place nearby where you can swim or kayak or do stand up paddle boarding and other water sports. If there are natural rock faces and you have the ability see if there’s any bouldering sites or rock climbing locations to check out. The possibilities are endless!


Pack A Feast

Romantic Camping Date 5Food is something that many couples like to enjoy together, but we often neglect the finer aspects of our taste buds when we camp, opting for foods that pack small and are convenient to prepare with limited resources.

We aren’t saying you need to bring every special food under the sun, but you’d be surprised how a few little treats, be they a bag of marshmallows or some chocolates or even a bottle of wine, can really make a day feel special. It’s not much, but it does make a difference!



Romantic Campign Date 6We don’t know if there’s anything more romantic than spending an evening sitting by a crackling campfire and doing some stargazing. Our favourite thing to do is to sit back and try and spot shooting stars and satellites as they move across the sky.

More talented folk might be able to pick out certain stars, constellations and planets, although there are also a few apps for that. If you’re both fans of stargazing together when you camp, you could always go all out and pay to have a star named after your partner, or after you as a couple. Cute!


Get Cozy

Romantic Camping Date 7Being a couple is all about getting super cozy together by the fire and chatting. Whether you’re swapping stories, or simply learning more about each other, those long nights seem to fly right by when you’re spending them with someone you care about.

Make sure you’ve got a nice wide blanket for the both of you to enjoy by the fire, and when it comes to your tent consider getting two sleeping bags from the same brand that can be zipped together to create one big sleeping bag. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting comfortable together.


Start The Morning Right

Romantic Camping Date 8When you get up in the morning after your evening of stargazing and getting cozy together by the fire (and maybe in the tent) you want to start the morning right. Brew up a really warm cup of tea, or coffee, and throw together some oatmeal or even just a bagful of trail mix for your partner.

It’s not quite breakfast in bed, but when you’re camping it’s about as close as you can get, and for them it’s a wonderful way of showing how much you care. They get to stay all cuddled up in the warm blankets while you brave the cool morning, and you return with warm gifts and food to boot!

How do you do your romantic camping date getaways?


Baby Carrying On Your Next Hike

Baby Carrier 1

By Oceana Setaysha

When you bring a little person into your life it’s easy for parents to think that many of the activities they used to enjoy are off limits. But the truth is that with some pre-planning and a little bit of advice you can do anything with your baby, even hiking. We’ve put together our best tips and advice for parents who want to baby carry on their next hike, to get you back on the trails!

Get The Right Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier 2The first step to having a successful hike with your baby is to get the right carrier. A good baby carrier really does make all the difference to both you and your little one.

It’s a good idea to read lots of reviews and shop around, particularly for baby carriers that are specifically designed for hiking parents. It’s a good idea to get a carrier that can be worn both front and back as both configurations are suited for babies at different stages of development.

Make Sure Everyone Is Used To The Carrier

Even if you have the best baby carrier on the market your experience isn’t going to be any good unless both you and your bubba are used to using the baby carrier. The best way to get used to the baby carrier is simple practice. Take a few walks close to home wearing the carrier with the baby. Also make sure to practice taking the carrier on and off so you can do it easily on the trail.

Start Close To Home

Baby Carrier 3Hiking is absolutely an activity that parents and babies can do together, but it’s important to ramp up to hikes you might have done before having children.

When you’re baby carrying it’s a good idea to start on a trail that’s close to home. If you have to drive a long way just to start the walk you’ll find that both parent and baby will tire out pretty quick.

When you start close to home it’s easy to get to the trail, and get home when you’re done.

Try A Dry Run/Do Trail Research

If you have an opportunity to do a dry run on the trail without the baby or baby carrier, we would definitely recommend it. This allows you to get the full lay of the land and see where you might have issues navigating the landscape with the baby. It also allows you to check out places to stop for resting and feeding. If you can’t do a dry run of the trail, check out local hiking forums to get a review of the walk from others who have done it recently, particularly parents who hiking with kids and babies.

Know Your Own Limits

Carrying a baby on a hike can be tiring, and it’s important to know your own capabilities in terms of carrying your baby. Don’t make the mistake of embarking on a long and exhausting hike with no options to turn back or cut the hike short if you aren’t prepared. It’s always better to start with smaller hikes to build up your strength and resilience to the changed conditions of hiking while baby carrying.

Consider Timing

Baby Carrier 4Timing is so important when it comes to hiking with a baby. You want to make sure that you plan your hike around your child’s schedule, leaving early in the morning and trying to make it home before the trip becomes too overwhelming.

You’ll also need to have a good idea about when your baby feeds, and have plans on how and where you’re going to feed them. If you’re breastfeeding this might be as simple as wearing an appropriate feeding-friendly top, otherwise you’ll need to bring bottles or other foods that will nourish your baby.

Have Plans For Waste

Babies make waste, and no baby is going to be satisfied in even the comfiest baby carrier if they’re sitting in a dirty nappy. You need to make sure that you don’t just bring enough nappy changes, baby wipes and creams, but also a suitable way to carry the dirty nappies in a way that doesn’t stink up your entire pack. We’d recommend thick plastic bags that can be sealed, like heavy-duty sandwich bags with a push lock.

Be Temperature Smart

There are two sides to this. The first is that you need to make sure your baby is suitable dressed for the hike. In cooler climates your baby should be rugged up but still comfortable in their carrier. Remember, as they aren’t moving as much as you are, they need to be wearing more warm clothes. For you being temperature smart means you’ll need to adjust your clothing to adapt to the baby carrier. Wearing your baby can make you warmer than usual, so don’t rug up too much or you’ll over-sweat. You also need to make sure your hiking gear offers enough ease of movement once the carrier is on top.

Now that you know a bit more about baby carrying and hiking, are you feeling more confident about getting back on the trails?

Baby Carrier 5

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